Family Law and Personal Injury

Family Law and Personal Injury

Co-Parenting: When Parents Put the Kids First

During a divorce, the last thing spouses typically want is to spend more time with each other after the divorce is final. But for parents, the reality is that they will need to work together when it comes to their children. That is why some parents in Florida and other states are turning to “co-parenting” as a way to put their kids’ needs before their own during and after divorce.

For one family, co-parenting is working well for the parents and the children, who are 6 and 11 years old. The mother describes that “when people co-parent, they rise above the issues… that were the reasons for their divorce in order to make sure their children’s needs are met.” Her ex-husband explains that they chose co-parenting because “the goal was to make things more comfortable for our kids.”

Family Law From Facebook to Television to the Courts

A Facebook discovery with the help of Arizona car accident attorneys has led to legal action in two separate states and appearances on the “Today” show. A 41 year-old Ohio woman discovered through Facebook that her husband married another woman in Florida. The story made it to nationwide television last month. Now the people involved have been ordered into mediation to come to a parenting plan so that child visitation can be accommodated while the litigation remains pending.

Lynn France and her attorneys insist that there is valid evidence that she was and is married to John France. John France denied that, claiming that the marriage license was never filed after their wedding ceremony in Italy. He claims the marriage is not valid. Lynn and John have two sons, who are two and three years old.

LeBron James Denies Paternity Claim By Supposed Father

Jacksonville family law attorneys are surprised by an unusual paternity action in the news. A man has filed suit claiming that he is the biological father of NBA basketball superstar LeBron James.

James and his family deny the claim, saying the man has “delusions” about alleged family ties.

James and his mother filed a motion to dismiss the pending lawsuit. Leicester Stovell alleges the NBA all-star and his family have been involved in a cover-up to deny paternity, by committing fraud and misrepresentation.

The fourteen-page motion to dismiss said